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 Social anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that strikes many people around the world. This disorder can wreak more havoc on your self-esteem, it can destroy your marriage, finances, and many other aspects of your life. The disorder is characterized by fear of social situations.   If you're looking for treatment, you can get medication, advice and information about support groups to help you cope. There are things  you can do to help defuse stressful social situations and ways to start reconnecting with friends and family members.  

1) Read as much as you can about this disease. Visit your local library and check out books on the subject. Then check out books that have topics on self-esteem building, positive thinking, public speaking, anything  you think will help you build confidence. You can't just "snap your fingers" and make this disorder go away. You need to read everything you can about this topic and the topics that will help you rebuild your self-esteem.  

2) Start and maintain  daily, weekly and monthly logs.In your daily journal, write down where you are  in  life. Write about  all social situations. How do you feel in these social situations? How do you think others reacted to you and how did you react to them? Do you feel sick today when you are in a social situation?  At the end of the week, summarize your failures and  progress. At the end of the month, write two pages in your journal. The first page should summarize any difficult situation and how you overcame the situation or how you handled it. The second page should summarize  social events and social situations in which you feel comfortable and why you feel comfortable. How do you feel overall?While it may seem like a waste of time, journaling will help you face and overcome  your fears.   

3) Set social goals  and stick to them. If you are extremely uncomfortable at the mall,  go ahead and walk in. Then exit immediately. If  social anxiety seems to strike you when you're in the middle of a crowded building, walk to the middle of a crowd, then immediately turn around and walk away. Take small, practical steps at the beginning and  move on to  more difficult problems you may encounter.  

4)  Finally, always talk to your doctor openly and honestly. Take your medication and work to overcome your social anxiety so  you can live the life  you deserve. Stressful social situations happen to everyone at some point in their lives, and one in eight people know what it feels like to live with something far worse than a “severe situation.” social,” you are by no means alone and while it may take some comfort knowing that you are not alone, know  that you are understood.

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