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Yes in this pandemic Depression and it's victims are countless. Millions have lost their livelihood and millions have been facing pay cuts as they are in work from home mode. In 2020 around March when a total lockdown was announced it sent depression waves all across the country. What started as terrible fear for the virus slowly started turning into fear of losing jobs and shutting down of businesses. People all around started getting depression attacks and the air was filled with negativity. I was the victim too. I have seen innumerable people crying, sobbing or even getting angry for no reason at all just out of depression. But then this is life and there is always a way out. Look for the light at the end of the the tunnel it's always there. The whole world is now engulfed in this new variant of Covid i.e Omicron variant. Depression was surely a big problem prior to the pandemic but now its turned into a monster. So lets all get together and defeat this monster.

                     Image by Holger Langmaier from Pixabay


Human mind is such a mystery till now. In depression it works against us very strongly. When you are mentally down the mind instead of make you feel positive it starts bogging you down with negativity so first we have to take control of what we think. As said by someone "You become what you talk to yourself" , if you are talking about your failures and your unworthiness to your self then surely in some days you are gonna become a failed unworthy person for no reasons at all. So meditate, listen to some great music, take a drive to your fond memories , go through some of your old photo albums all these will certainly help and try to identify what can be done rather than what's happened already. Working on solutions rather than whining about problems is the key. A healthy mind will always bring u back on track faster than anything else. 


Nature is a healer. Nature has solutions for everything. Just be one with the nature and it will help you become a positive person. Think about how all those animals and birds live with so much of zest and energy in spite of living in fear of being hunted. They live their small life to the fullest. Wake up early one day and just take stroll into a park or beach or trek to a small hill and just sit and listen to the birds and animals. Their sweet chirping along with the trees will certainly make you feel positive about your life. If you are at the beach then just stare at the vast expanse of the seas and observe how the sea gulls work hard to get a mouthful of their food. If you are in the forest then just look around and feel the warmth and love of Mother nature. 


We all know how music can shape our lives. Music is not only just to entertain but also a healer. There are so many music therapy videos available on social media sites. Some are exceptionally good. Music can make your mind calm and make you think rationally and in a different way towards the world. From ancient times music has been a part of meditation and healing. You can opt for meditational course based on music which can help us to come out of depressed and pathetic state of mind. One has to look at life from different perspective too. I am sure listening to some calm and soothing music would certainly help.


Pets especially dogs can help a person come out of depression. Dogs are often referred to as stress relievers. Having a pet at home can keep you busy and distracted from your depression and stress. Go out in the park with your pet and I am sure you will feel that life is really beautiful. Taking care of pets is a responsibility which can be helpful in reducing depression. 

Depression is something one has to fight it out himself or herself. Someone can certainly get a help from councillor or some doctors or healers, but in the end we have to fight with grit and dedication to defeat depression.

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