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Acne is a skin condition and due to the complexity, variety and sensitivity of the skin, its treatment should only be treated by a doctor. While a lot of people try to cure it on their own, and some  find some success at this point, the approach is actually a trial and error thing that it shouldn't be. 

The dermatologist's experience is absolutely worth the effort for you and you should be prepared to pay for it. 

While a lot of research has been done in the field that has studied acne over time, the exact reason  some people get acne and others certainly don't. still known. It is well known that you are more susceptible if a parent or loved one has had it before, but that certainly cannot be the only factor. While waiting for the answer, you would do well to work closely with someone who knows more, such as a dermatologist. 

 Acne is partly hereditary and many people already know this. However, this does not explain how or why even people in the same family suffer from it in different ways, while others in the same family do not suffer from it at all. . . There are indeed several factors  known to be linked to acne, but since all the answers are not yet available,  research is still ongoing and you should educate yourself before attempting treatment. 

There are all kinds of methods used in the study and research of acne. The pathologists who engage in the study of diseases often study cells and microorganisms on the microscope to observe anomalies and determine how different things occur. It often appears as typical acne lesions such as comedones, papules, and pustules. Don't get carried away by  strange names; they just imply that the acne you are suffering from may not be the normal type and you may need to talk to your doctor. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will be able to know in which direction you are heading towards a solution. 

It is unfortunate how many people around the world love to self-medicate. Many people would rather walk into a drugstore and buy something over the counter than take their problems to a doctor. It may be the price of the advice they care about, and  it may be something else. But anyway, and simple as acne may seem, they should know  enough to talk to a dermatologist about their condition before they proceed to purchase any medications that may be haunting their skin. Inflammatory cysts often appear on the skin of people when they are about to have severe acne. One of the more serious forms of the disease is known as cystic acne, which is known to occur specifically when the above occurs. Watch out for  cysts and nodules and the event

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