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Having one bad hair day is a pain; having bad hair in general is simply the worst. Instead of heading off to the salon to see if they can fix your hair’s failure to perform, there are lots of at home remedies to try out using items you might already have in your pantry or refrigerator.

 Here’s a list of edible items (many you’d see in a pretty delicious salad) that can help transform your hair from tasteless to tasty in no time. 

Eggs. Raw eggs are great for all kinds of hair. The fat and proteins in the yolk are naturally moisturizing, while egg whites can remove excess oils. Or you can separate the yolk from the egg white and use whichever is best for your hair type; yolks are best for moisturizing dry hair while egg whites are good for oily hair. See here for a recipe. 

Avocado. Frizzy haired folks, listen up: the avocado can help you fight the fuzz. Natural oils and proteins in this fruit can help smooth hair and domesticate. It also combines well with avocado to fight sun damaged hair.  

Vinegar. For those with blonde or red hair, the minerals in your water can cause hair discoloration and turn brassy. Fortunately, Marie Claire has a quick fix involving vinegar. 

Beer. Thin and limp hair could benefit from this unexpected source. The yeast in beer can help add volume to lame hair. Here is how to do the treatment. Make sure your beer is flat. All of these treatments prove that home hair care is anything but difficult. If you mess up, use the ingredients for lunch and start over!

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