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Lose Face Fat: 

 Weight Results are possible with easy and effortless facial exercises, but also facials or more drastic solutions. With these tips you will be able to slim your face to lose weight in your faces and return to looking at yourself in the mirror. Face Fat loss  

 Slimming cheeks, forgiveness of double chin: why was that a swollen face? 

 How to lose weight on your face with our tips

Losing facial weight  requires some basic rules. 

Slimming cheeks, thin double chin: 

why was the face swollen? Rapid weight gain is often accompanied by sagging muscles and skin on the face. The neck, chin and cheeks are often the first to reveal this change. The appearance of the double chin is often affected, as it is considered an unsightly swelling of very unaesthetic that is added to the faces. The face is more expressive, it is the main place of visual and physical contact with others; thin face can become a priority for many. In order not to allow these fats to settle permanently, we can act in different ways. The thin face requires some basic rules The face is an integral part of the human body. Like every part of the body, it is an exclusively difficult target. Slimming down your face will also be easier to lose weight all over your body. Regular physical activity will help you burn  body fat in general, including your face. Pick a sport to  your liking, not everyone likes to run, why not try gymnastics, or even Zumba, Aqua bike? Discover here  sports that make you lose weight 

A balanced diet to lose weight

Avoid fatty foods and alcohol that promote weight gain, foods too salty or too sweet which facilitate water retention and dilate blood vessels. Healthy and high in fiber also helps with water intake. Here you will find  fruits that lead to weight loss and a list of vegetables for weight loss. You can also increase your calcium intake with yogurt and cottage cheese. Many studies have shown that consuming 1,200 mg of Calcium per day improves overall fat loss. You can also inhale a cottage cheese diet. Remember to hydrate  regularly to avoid water retention. These tips for losing weight  in general can be accompanied by more targeted actions on different parts of the face. 

How To Lose Face Weight With Our Tips Physical Exercises To Lose Face Fat

There are a few facial gymnastics exercises that can strengthen the muscles of the face and neck  and reduce  double chin. The easiest way to tone up her face while training her muscles is smile. Smiling activates your cheekbones and works your cheeks. the day. A variation of this exercise is to smile with your mouth closed as much as possible by pulling the ends of the mouth up, hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat ten times. To lose  cheeks, you have to grimace Another very fun exercise is to make faces in the mirror. Be careful, do not be afraid of ridicule and be uninhibited alone with yourself. The exercise is simple: pretend you want to touch your nose with your upper lip and hold the pose for  ten seconds, repeat the grimace 5 times. A second face consists of forming a circle with the lips and then sucking on the cheeks inside the mouth, again continue to pose for 10 seconds and try again. Funny faces in the mirror don't make you laugh.

 The last one is just as simple: chew gum regularly. Indeed, the chewing movement acts on the volume of the face, in particular on the chin. So don't hesitate to chew  gum without favoring sugar Techniques to lose your double chin Sit on a chair with your back straight Close your mouth, lift your head and raise  your lower lip  as far as possible. then release, repeat the exercise 5 times. Here is a second year, still in a chair with your back straight, slowly turn your head to the right, hold this position for 5 seconds. Then slowly turn your head  to the left and  stay that way for five seconds. You can repeat these movements fifteen times. For the third technique, keep your shoulders down and  lift your chin slightly. Stretch your lips into the biggest smile possible while contracting your chin. Smile 5 and release. Repeat 10 times. The last exercise is almost invisible and can be performed at any time of the day, even in public. Lift your face slightly  and simply press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. All of these exercises are performed for you daily, it will help you achieve rapid improvement. If you wanna shrink your face and lose

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