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You may have been treated for breast cancer. As a result, it can be  very difficult to lead a normal sex life. However, what you need to know is that you are not alone. What every woman needs and which is very important is a sexual health program after treatment for breast cancer. 

 Do you know that it is very difficult to have sex after undergoing procedures such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy? This is usually due to premature menopause, which causes pain during sex. Breast cancer treatment procedures with radiation or chemotherapy usually make the breasts very likely to become very receptive. Therefore, when a spouse touches the breast, it causes pain and discomfort to the woman. 

If you have had treatment for breast cancer, it is very important that you visit your gynecologist constantly during the procedure and also after the treatment. This is important because it will help  prevent  cervical cancer and vaginal atrophy problems. Resume your normal sex life six months after receiving treatment for breast cancer. However, the waiting period for Being in good shape will not be  stress and tension free, so you will need to follow your doctor's instructions. 

Did you know that there are many rumors  about what causes breast cancer in women? The effects of these unsubstantiated claims are widespread among young women. These rumors generally postulate that products like antiperspirants or mouthwashes can lead to breast cancer. Some people claim that waxing or shaving the armpits contributes to  breast cancer problems. So far, these claims are false as there is no scientific evidence to back them up. So, don't worry if these rumors  are unfounded and can only spoil your fun.

 Large breasts cannot cause cancer. Most people claim that women with large breasts are at risk of getting cancer. This is not true. Assumptions like this are the work of ignorant people who are used to saying what they think. You should never take these assumptions seriously. 

Age normally plays a role in the cause of breast cancer, especially in women. It was founded with strong evidence that a woman's age may be linked to the risk of getting breast cancer. This is quite understandable because the younger a woman, the less likely she is  to get breast cancer. It is also known that breast cancer can be diagnosed in a woman in her twenties, although in rare cases. 

 Did you know that the heavier and taller you are, the greater the risk of getting breast cancer? with the number of children you have. So, the faster you get pregnant, the  lower the risk of  breast cancer, this is because breastfeeding goes a long way in reducing the risk of breast cancer. 

Women tend to be diagnosed with breast cancer these days because they prefer to have fewer children and are unlikely to get pregnant. It is no wonder that there are endemic breast cancer diagnoses. Are you shocked Consider changing your  diet if you want to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Do you know that hormonal disorders lead to  breast cancer? You are at risk for breast cancer if you have a hormonal problem because it will  need to be treated. The impact of hormone therapy can greatly contribute  to breast cancer.

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