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There are some people who are more likely to develop type II diabetes than anyone else. These are the people who don't care what they eat and don't have any form of physical exertion in their daily follow-up. Look inside yourself first, don't you? 

 You may be looking for heart disease if you have diabetes. Get tested and until your doctor tells you you don't have any more, don't relax. Even afterwards, while you are having treatment, don't forget to check it out. The chances that you can develop it are just too high. 

 People with diabetes who die often end up like this because of the complications that arise in the process. Strokes and cardiac arrests are never far behind, so you need to be on the lookout for these things. 

When you have a lot of what I would call “core body fat,” you can have diabetes sooner or later. I have it, so I'm training and dieting like crazy and then I'm going to check it out as often as I can. I think you should too. 

 I have a friend who never stops measuring her hips and her life with tape measure. He's really trying to fight obesity, but diabetes isn't far on his mind either. I guess you can adopt such a practice on your own. It keeps you healthy. 

I don't know why a lot of people have a hard time training. I understand that many are not used to it, but you have to understand that no one was born like this either. They all worked to make it happen. You could too, if only to stay safe from diabetes and other issues related to the disease.

As you get older, you are more and more likely to have diabetes. This is not an accusation, but just a statement. However, if you have led a very healthy and active life, the chances are less in you. So what is going to happen? 

 There are a lot of things you can do with yourself, and I don't really think diabetes should be one of them: healthy youth and old age without disease. 

It's not often that we have young children with diabetes; However, this is by no means an exclusion. Some are even born with this condition. Just to let you know, so you won't be surprised. 

 It is not a waste of time to call a doctor about the diabetes your old man has in his old age. Of course, many older people suffer from it; and surely there are steps you can take to make it easier for them. This is what you need to learn by talking to your doctor. 

You must know how to take care of your diabetic uncle so that he does not suffer excessively around you. It starts with understanding the lifestyle he needs to live, as opposed to what he really wants. Food, training, work. things will be fine for you and for them. 

You are more likely to develop diabetes if you never exercise while growing up and were an athlete. This is just a tip, but don't you think you should do something? 

 You need a healthy diet when you are having diabetes. More protein and vitamins, and less sugary foods. Keep that in mind, will you?

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