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The ancient book of Gita, which is that the treatise on the living has led an excellent stress on the karma. Karma is defined because the action and its fruits. Ancient Hindu saints have believed that a man’s life is that the direct results of his karma. Good thoughts, words and deeds cause good and happy life while bad thoughts, words and deeds lead an individual to disaster. This has been postulated within the 18th century by Newton, who gave his law as “For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.”

The branch of yoga that deals with karma is named because the karma yoga. Usually you're bound by the cravings and desires related to your act but you'll free yourself by doing the act but dissociating yourself from its consequences. this is often the essential concept behind karma yoga and therefore the one that follows this path is understood as karma yogi. His behaviour is of indifference and while the planet might imagine he's not interested, actually he has mastered his desires and has developed awareness of the important significance of the events that occur around him.

This yoga involves doing all of your duty with none reservations but is freed from the cravings of the results that are obtained from the act. This attitude is difficult to accumulate because we are taught to hanker after the fruits of our labour and any failure to get the specified results leads you to frustration and negative thinking. Also, constant attachment to the results leads you to worry, competition and aggressiveness. This has led to increased incidences of stress, diabetes, depression, heart ailments and suicides and has led many youngsters to use drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Hence following the teaching of Krishna in Gita, wherein he advises Arjun: “You are entitled to an action but not its fruits” will lead you to a cheerful and stress free life.

A karma yogi realizes this and hence he follows the trail of detachment. But this doesn't make him dull or inefficient. On the contrary, he channelizes his entire energy into the tasks at hand with complete vigour as his energy isn't dissipated and provides it a best shot. Hence the results of his actions are the simplest and he gets good fruits. He doesn't run after pleasure but pleasure follows him. This makes him a pleasing person to be around and thus enjoys success in his life.

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