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Today we see hundreds of toothpaste brands around us. some with charcoal, some with salt, some with herbal ingredients and so on. We never even care from when did the humans first started using toothpaste or how did it even come into existence? Every morning we just put that lovely paste on to our toothbrush and clean up our teeth with it. 

The early use of toothpaste is dated back to around  5000 years back to the Egyptian society. Early humans used to mix burnt ashes, oyester shells, eggshells and put it on to their teeth to clean up bacteria and food deposits. In India too thousands of years back humans used ash and Neem tree twigs to clean up their teeth. Even ancient Indian Texts mentions the use of materials to clean up their teeth. Every ancient civilizations had their different take on the ingredients used to make a toothpaste. 

Around 1st century C.E Romans used wires to bind their teeth and also used instruments developed for teeth care. Even around 3000b.c in Indus Valley Civilization archeologists found evidence of root canal performed on the teeth of the skulls found there. So use of toothpaste and teeth maintenance has been around for thousands of years. 

Tooth powders came into existence in eighteenth century in Europe. People though also used some other mixtures too but that did not help in the long run. Even chalk was added for teeth whitening. Colgate the first major company to produce toothpaste was established in 1873. It started selling flavored toothpaste for the first time.

                           Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

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