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 This is me after losing almost 30 kgs

 Weight gain or excess weight  have been one of the biggest problem faced by the world since last 2 decades. Inspite of numerous weight loss programs, crash diets, customised diets and millions of weight loss tips, over 90% of people fail in there very 1st month. After failing couple of times we tend to lose interest and we land up back at square one. So what exactly goes wrong? A lot of things may go wrong as every body reacts differently to any diet plan or diet programs. I myself was 107kgs back in 2016 , you can say I was a ticking bomb ready to explode any minute and I paid the price and got hospitalised for multiple ailments, worst of them was Jaundice. After 17 days of my treatment i was put on a severe diet. I am saying severe because prior to my treatment i use to have calories loaded diet with only junk going down my gullet, so obviously to come back to normalcy or rather to stay alive i had to go through a very very strict and severe diet regime. What was it? Honestly it was just a few changes in my eating habits i had to follow. I followed it all and BOOM after 6 months from 107kgs I came down to 79 kgs. People doesn't used to recognise me. In malls or parks they used to just stare at me probably thinking that they know the face but the body below is someone else's.  So lets see if these tips which I followed may help you lose 10kgs in 30 days. Road to lean and slim body is hard but also when your weighing scale shows the reduced numbers every week then it will inspire you to go the distance .  


                         Image by Rilsonav from Pixabay

1. Sugar.

This thing for me became the biggest game changer. I stopped sugar intake completely for 6 months. I used to have atleast 8 small cups of tea and a couple of cups of coffee every day before I was forced on a strict diet. Huge sugar intake means huge on empty calories. And today any packaged foods contains moderate to large quantities of sugar in it. Anything with sugar is a strict NO for 6 months. A world without sugar can be very very tasteless, but trust me within a weeks time your body will adjust to it and then  your tea or coffee will taste even better. 

                              Image by rewind from Pixabay

2. Wheat Flour 

Another one of the game changer. Anything with wheat flour ( MAIDA) is a no entry for 6 months. Bread, Pizzas, Pastries, Cakes, Biscuits etc etc. I know stopping this is like a prison sentence that too in a isolation cell. But you have so much for options. Bhakari ( Indian Flat Bread) is the biggest substitute. You can get hold of endless videos on YouTube on  Bhakari recipes. Rice, Jowar, Bajari, Nachani , Bhakari made with all these grains tastes good and are a blessing for weight loss. And even if you can't completely stop wheat flour  then atleast reduce that to 40% compared to your earlier intake. 

                      Image by MorningbirdPhoto from Pixabay

3. Rule of 8.30, 12.30, 4.30 & 7.30

Breakfast @8.30 am, Lunch @12.30pm, Snacks at 4.30pm and Dinner @7.30pm. Follow this for 6 months rather follow this for your lifetime and see the change. When I was 107kgs i used to eat all junk food at around 12midnight. So when I started eating my last meal of the day at 7.30pm i felt so different. There was no bloating or chest heaviness next morning. Bowels got back to normalcy and mornings were fresh as they used to be when I was in my teens. 

                          Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

4. Walk, Jog and light weight training.

Walking is must , 40 mins per day. If u can jog around a lil bit then it's even better but if you are obese then at first start with brisk walk as jogging can put undue stress on your knees. Walking will increase your metabolism and also would keep your heart rate and blood pressure in check. And light weight training is also a must task. As the muscles break down while weight training it takes our body anywhere between 2 to 4 days to rebuild those so even if your asleep the body keeps rebuilding the muscles that means the calories keep burning and it helps to fasten the weight loss process and also the muscles get stronger day by day. 

5. Green Leafy Vegetables.  

Nothing can beat the the sight of a bowl full  of green leafy vegetables. Nature provides us with each and everything to be healthy and lean. Leafy greens are blessing for weight watchers. Your lunch and dinner should be 50% of these, raw or cooked whatever you like. Dinner plate should be colorful mix of veggies. Leafy greens not only provides us with much needed vitamins but also keeps us satiated for a long time. Take some cabbage, lettuce, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli and steam them for 10 mins and then season it with salt and pepper and have a bowl full. I am sure you will love this one. 

                                              Image by boustifaille from Pixabay


Hope you follow these steps rigorously to achieve the dream body you always wished for. Cheers and stay happy.

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